What is LeanID?

LeanID is an innovative database solution to help you enrich your information exchange with your customers and partners with each part or reel shipped. One versatile Barcode enables all partners to review the determined information over the full life cycle of the product. Addressing topics like customer-specific information, counterfeit security, PCN management, traceability of shipments in one solution to boost your supply chain cost-effectiveness to the next level.

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What we do

Core Services

Component Manufacturer

Counterfeit products are a growing threat for the semiconductor supply chain as well as for all other electronic components and are growing year by year.

Supply chain partner

Demands from EMS and OEM customers to create
tailor-made labels speed up their logistic and manufacturing process is an ongoing trend in the industry and lead to sometimes to 5 layers of different labels…

Electronic Manufacturer

Various shortages in the logistic sector during the last years and as well ongoing trend to manufacture as lean as possible, have shown the need to be able
to track each shipment…