Component Manufacturer

Lean ID provides you asmanufacturer a one-stop solution for the following challenges

  • Counterfeit products are a growing threat for the semiconductor supply chain as well as for all other electronic components and are growing year by year. With an estimated value over $75B only for semi´s in 2019 this number is likely even higher in 2021 due to the current market environment. Which causes reputation and liability issues for all major market stakeholders causing damage in multiple of the value of the goods. Lean ID will help you to address this risk by its closed circle approach helping each partner to verify the source and uniqueness of the smallest packaging unit as well as sharing essential data to verify the products within seconds.
  • Demands from EMS, OEM customers as well as Distribution partners to create tailor-made labels in order to speed up their logistic and manufacturing process is an ongoing trend in the industry and lead to sometimes to 5 layers of different labels on the smallest package unit as each partner has to add different information. Lean ID allows each approved partner in the supply chain to review and add data for the next customer. Avoiding customer-specific labeling and share even a wider range of information with just one scan. This one-label solution will reduce cost and handling time for each component and is part of our philosophy to use resources most efficiently.
  • Various shortages in the logistic sector during the last years and as well ongoing trends to manufacture as lean as possible, have shown the need to be able to track each shipment regardless if you are a manufacturer or an OEM customer. Lean ID enables each partner to review the current status of a shipment and enables you to get advanced shipping notice in a variety of ways to support fast goods receipt and usage of the components.
  • Whenever a quality concern arose and a recall is mandatory fast action is required to keep the possible cost as low as possible by preventing the use of the component by the end customer. Source sentinel offers you an instant solution to inform all affected stakeholders and even block items for further use depending on your needs.